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BUILDING PROJECTS ON THE TEST BENCH Thermal, Flow, Light in Computer Simulation

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Investors are confronted with different experts and opinions. We bring together the single disciplines and are main contact persons and managers in one for you. Before the background of our many years of experience in international large-scale projects, we create synergies that will pay off for you.

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We assist Clients to implement tight schedules and also support you as a quality controller. Our analyses and concepts save the environment and are easy on your budget.

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Engineers need to plan precisely under increasing cost pressure. We help you to quickly find the optimum technical solution. Our computer simulations give you planning safety. HVAC, indoor air currents and energy supply centres, atriums, concrete core activation, geothermal energy, solar power systems, photovoltaic - we calculate everything for you.

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Architects can use our simulations to show the client that their design fully complies with all functions. We build 3D feature model on the PC for you. Thus you can visualise and verify your concepts in every planning phase.

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The engineering office P. Jung is your partner for climate engineering, Green Building Design and energy consultation. As consultant engineers we accompany clients, planners and architects constructively and competently in the development of sustainable buildings. We optimise the building envelope, develop a tailor-made energy concept and provide for a Premium Green Building Certificate for your buildings. Our project support protects you from unnecessary investments and effectively reduces ongoing operating costs. We work together with you to get the most out of your design.

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A small selection of the innovative buildings co-planned by us.

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Our office is a partner of the EcoCommercial Building network.

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